Brooke Burke: Having My Heart Broken


Have you ever had your heart broken? If so, you aren’t the only one. 

Brooke Burke opened up about her first big heartbreak… and believe it or not, it wasn’t over a man. 

The mom of four recalled one of the most difficult periods in her life, when she was going through a divorce from her first husband:

“It was when my oldest was about five and I had just separated from my husband and we were going through that very awkward, very unfamiliar time of divorce,” she said.”And what was most painful for me was seeing the way that it affected my children.”

She continued, “It was very difficult for my five-year-old to understand why Mommy wasn’t there all the time… why we were moving, why she had to stay here or go there. Watching that, and seeing tears of pain from my child was really difficult for me and really broke my heart.”

Hear Brooke share the whole story in the video below:



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