The Best Formula for Babies With Colic


Though the exact causes of colic are unknown, many parents suspect that a change in formula may help ease baby’s colic. There is no one best formula for a baby with colic, but each baby can have a particular brand of formula that she responds best to. As a parent, you have to experiment to find the right one.

Problems With Formula

If your baby seems to act fussy about 30 to 60 minutes after a feeding, it could be a sign that he’s having a problem with the formula. In most cases, this is a result of a sensitivity or allergy to the cow milk proteins in most brands of formulas. Switching to a brand that does not contain these may ease the symptoms.

Alternative Formulas

Some brands of formula contain protein that is broken down, which may significantly reduce any tummy pain from a new digestive system. If that doesn’t work, you can try a soy-based formula or a hypo-allergenic formula.

Changing Formula

While you hope that you’ll notice an instant change in your baby’s behavior, the truth is that it can take more than a week to see results. If you’re going to try a new formula, test it for at least a week to see how your baby does on the new brand. If she’s still fussy after eating, you can switch to another brand for a week.

Cost Saving

Specialized formulas are often more expensive than the traditional brands. Once you’ve found one that your baby likes, you’ll want to look for ways to save money. You may be able to get coupons from the manufacturer’s website or by signing up for a mailing list. You can also save on formula by purchasing a case of formula rather than individual cans.

Formula Feeding Tips

The actual formula may not be the reason your baby’s in pain — it may have more to do with how you’re feeding him than what you’re feeding him. It should take your baby at least 20 minutes to finish a bottle. If it takes less time than that, switch to a nipple that has a smaller hole. You should also hold him in a slightly upright position, which can prevent reflux.



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