A Mother’s Work Is Never Done


Working Mom, Home Mommy, Domestic Engineer, CEO, TV host, Driver, Chef, Doctor…..my list goes on and on, but WHEW it’s a lot.

I’m in my ModernMom office right now, I’ve had back to back mtgs all day and a few more are scheduled. I’m trying to catch up online, and wrap it all up in time for dinner with my family. My e-mail responses are now limited to only a few words so I can manage them all, my phone conversations feel like tweets, and most meals have become a bar, yoghurt, coffee or an Underway. Even my workouts are rushed but at least they’re still making the list! Anyone with me?

Working in overdrive is not all bad, but this week I’m exhausted. I still have to go home and pack for the 5 of us to leave for Vegas in the am. I am co-hosting Miss America this weekend, Live on ABC Sat night Jan 15th. Live shows are always stressful, but not as much as the prep. I’ve had 5 fittings in 2 weeks, trying to find the 3 perfect gowns for the 2 hr show. Then there are the script reviews, travel accommodations for my team of 10. No that is NOT my celebrity entourage; it’s my kids, my man, my mom, my glam squad and my east coast relatives who are flying in for the show. My mom btw is more excited about Miss America than DWTS. I have been watching the show with my mom since I was a young girl, and she watched it with my grandmother when she was young. So much history, such an iconic event, I am truly honored to be hosting this year!

If you’re anything like me and your family comes first, then you know that juggling it all WELL is of fundamental importance! My big girls come home tonight, I need to love them like crazy because then the go back to their Dad’s (they can’t miss school to join me in Vegas ?) and I am frantically trying to schedule their weekends so everyone is happy and mommy is not missed too much. The older they get, a simple play date solves most problems. I promised them a dinner alone with me tonight, so I am trying to get out of my office and make an early school night dinner. Thank God for my mom, who has picked them up from school and hit the sporting goods store for volleyball and kneepads for Neriah’s new team. I will be making up for that favor to mom with chips for the Vegas tables – well worth it! Oh my phone just rang….Rain is home burning up with fever. Poor thing! Oye it’s gonna be a long night! What else is new. Gotta Go. I’ll write more from Vegas.



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