What “Colorful” Name Did Holly Madison Choose for her Daughter?

Holly Madison might have starred on a show called “Girls Next Door,” but the name she picked for her first child is anything but ordinary.

The former Playboy Playmate gave birth to a baby girl on March 5 and chose a very colorful name for her daughter – Rainbow Aurora!

Madison, 33,  shared the inspiration behind her choice on her blog:

“There was a girl in my school a few years younger than me named Rainbow and I was so envious of her name because it was so pretty and unusual,” she explained.

“She was a perfectly normal, well-adjusted, sporty girl, by the way, so I’m not worried about my daughter being ‘traumatized’ by having an unusual name.”

As for the Internet criticism, Madison says she isn’t bothered. “I want my daughter to be proud of who she is and learn to speak up and stand up for herself at a young age,” she added. “I spent most of my life being a people-pleaser who worried about what other people thought … and I don’t want that for her.” 

The baby is the first child for Madison and her boyfriend Pasquale Rotella, a party promoter and founder of the popular rave Electric Daisy Carnival.

What do you think about her baby name decision?



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