Tight Clothing While Pregnant


Tight-fitting or snug clothing during pregnancy is an alternative to classic loose and flowing maternity styles. If you feel confident with your growing body, close fitting clothes may help you to feel fashionable and sexy during your pregnancy. Fitted maternity styles are one option, but you may find that some non-maternity clothes fit well through your pregnancy.


Maternity clothes, even tighter-fitting styles, should still be comfortable and, ideally, should fit from the time you need maternity wear through the end of your pregnancy. Look for breathable natural fibers when shopping for maternity wear. These can stand up to washing and will be more comfortable on sensitive skin. Stretchy fabric, like cotton spandex or Lycra blends, can grow with your expanding belly and is less apt to feel constricting. Look for at least 5 percent Lycra or spandex in both knit and woven fabrics, recommends TheCradle.com.


You can opt to purchase fitted maternity styles, wear some of your pre-pregnancy clothing or purchase larger garments in the regular department to wear through pregnancy. What works for pregnancy will depend upon how you carry and how much weight you gain, as well as how early you show. Some women opt to invest in transitional pieces for early pregnancy and postpartum to avoid wearing traditional maternity clothes too soon and provide clothing for those early months after baby.


Your wardrobe needs will depend upon your lifestyle. Make sure that you at least have jeans and pants, several fitted maternity tees or long non-maternity tees, a few pairs of leggings and a comfy cardigan for casual wear. Fitted slacks or pencil skirts can dress up a simple top and cardigan for the office, or you can pair them with a maternity or non-maternity tunic top. Stretchy knit dresses can work during and after pregnancy.


If you plan to wear non-maternity clothes during pregnancy, size up. While some women only gain a belly and go up a cup size or two, many gain all over. If you normally wear a small, buy a size large for pregnancy wear. If you’re purchasing fitted maternity wear, allowances have already been made for a larger bust and belly, so buy your normal size rather than a larger one.


There’s nothing unsafe about tight clothing during pregnancy, but some women may find it uncomfortable. If you’re shopping early in pregnancy, realize that you may find anything on your belly irritating or constricting and that skin can become quite sensitive. Tight waistbands or an overly high underbelly band can be uncomfortable. You may find it better to wait on some purchases until you can assess how you feel in your clothes.



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