Pelvic Exercise During Pregnancy


For many women, pregnancy is filled with small — or big — aches and pains. As your baby grows inside, he begins to put more pressure on your pelvic region, which can cause pain. Performing pelvic exercises during pregnancy can strengthen and stretch the area, making you more comfortable and possibly easing delivery.


Strengthening and stretching the muscles in your pelvic region will help support the extra weight you’re carrying around. Additionally, exercising the pelvic floor muscles can prevent incontinence and make giving birth easier, because you’ll be able to relax those muscles to allow your baby to pass through the vaginal canal, according to the AskDrSears website.

Pelvic Exercises

Pelvic tilts are a classic exercise to build up the pelvic region. Do them lying down by placing your feet flat on the floor and tilting your pelvis up and down. Alternatively, do them on all fours by arching and swaying your back. The tailor press can also improve muscles: sit on the floor with your feet together and pull them in, then press your knees down toward the floor on either side while giving resistance with your hands by pulling up.

Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which are inside your vagina. To find them, stop the flow of urine the next time you use the toilet. Once you know how to tighten the muscles, do it whenever you can, holding for 10 seconds before releasing. If you want a stronger workout, purchase devices designed to place inside your vagina to offer resistance as you work out the muscles.


As you exercise your pelvic muscles and your body places more demand on them, you’ll also want to stretch them. You can do this by sitting cross-legged and bending down. Increase the stretch by placing your feet together with your knees out and bending over to stretch. Balancing in a squatting position can also stretch your pelvic muscles.


After you reach the fourth month of pregnancy, do not lie down on your back to exercise or stretch, which could cut off the supply of blood to your baby. Do your pelvic exercises sitting, standing or on all fours instead.



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