Need a Confidence Boost?


I wanted to start by saying ‘thank you’ to everyone who participated in my survey last week. The top two challenges you are all facing are career and money. This does not surprise me. Many of you are stuck in careers you dislike or are out of work and having a difficult time finding something in alignment with what makes you happy. Forty-eight percent of you struggle financially and would love to be out of debt. These are two very difficult life struggles and sometimes it can feel overwhelming or all-consuming. I have had my own share of struggles both with my career and financially. I have always listened to my intuition and maintained a positive outlook, and this helped me transition through these times. I believe that it is necessary to take risks in life, because these risks will boost your confidence muscle and pave the way for your success in life.

When you take risks, you put yourself out there and face your fear head on. By facing fears head on, you take responsibility for creating the life you envision for yourself. You do not allow fear of the unknown to keep you stuck in a life that is lacking joy and happiness. You also begin to rely on yourself and believe in yourself, which is needed when facing challenges in your life. Too often we assume circumstances or our environment dictate our reality. Just because you are struggling financially, or you are in a career you dislike, or you are unhappy in a relationship, does not mean this is what your life needs to look like in the future. You can begin to make subtle changes that will propel you forward. This week focus on how you can get outside your comfort zone and take risks that will boost your confidence and outlook.

1. What have you been putting off?

What in your life have you been putting off due to fear? Where in your life do you consistently come up with excuses so that you do not have to face the reality? Have you been dying to ask someone out? Have you neglected your financial situation because you don’t want to admit how far you have to go? Have you put off asking for that promotion? Just list on paper what comes to mind.

2. Take baby steps

You all know by now that I am a huge believer in taking baby steps first when making life changes. These small steps will move you forward at a pace you are more comfortable with. This boosts your confidence and you will begin to believe in your ability to do more. Look at the list above and now write down what risks you are willing to take to put you in action mode. Staying where you are, in your comfort zone, will not ultimately get you where you want to go. You need to push the boundaries, face your fears, and get off the daily treadmill that you have been on for a while.

3. Envision the future

Now I want you to envision what your ‘ideal’ life would look like if you took some risks and moved forward in your life. How would you feel? What would you be doing? Where would you be doing it? Who would you be surrounded by? Feel it and surround yourself by this feeling. By capturing this feeling and seeing the possibility, it will motivate you to move forward. Ask for help. Talk with friends. Join a group. Do whatever it takes to face your fears and boost your confidence.

Leslie Gail is a Life Strategist for Mom’s and a host for Life Simplified on Mom TV. Feel free to contact her for a consult or follow her on Twitter.



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