The Best On-Camera Colors to Wear


Let’s face it: we moms want to look our best, even if we feel like we are covered in spit-up and haven’t had a haircut in months. Luckily, looking our best when being filmed may be as simple as choosing the best colors to wear. While each person has certain colors that she looks best in, some colors really stand out when recorded. In addition, many colors are associated with certain personality traits.

Solid Colors

Choose solid colors with no patterns. These are restful on the eye and allow the viewer to focus on you and what you are saying rather than on your clothing. If you really want to wear clothing with a pattern, choose something that has soothing patterns in colors that are only slightly different in hues or tones. Patterns that are too busy create something called a “moiré effect” when recorded. The effect is somewhat like a wavy rainbow, according to Videomaker’s website.


Pastels are easily seen by the camera, and most people can find a pastel color that looks good with their skin tone. Choose pastels that have a strong hue. Very pale pastels can look white when being filmed, and white can make you looked washed out. Always wear pastels with light-colored pants, as video cameras have a hard time adjusting between bright contrasts.

Rich Jewel Tones

Deep reds, dark teals, rich greens, purples and blues are all good choices for clothing to wear while on camera. The color red makes a person seem confident and upbeat. Teals and greens come across as friendly. Purple creates an impression of sensitivity. Royal blue looks good on almost anyone and will really make you stand out. In addition, it leaves an impression with the viewer that you are trustworthy and peaceful.

Neutral Colors

Neutral colors give the impression of respectability and sociability, according to Make Me Proud of You Inc. Wear gray instead of black, as black can look like a dark hole on camera. Grays give an impression of balance and fairness, and rich browns make the viewer think that you are warm and earthy.



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