How to Celebrate St. Paddy’s Day With Kids


Grab your green shirt and get ready to have a day of fun. Spending St. Paddy’s Day with the kids is a great way to make lots of new family memories!

The specific activities you do with the kids doesn’t really matter, as long as you’re having fun together. Check for community events related to St. Patrick’s Day that you can integrate into the plans for the day. And don’t forget to involve your kids in the planning process so they can pick a favorite activity!

Make a Schedule

Create a schedule of events for St. Patrick’s Day. Research family events in the community such as a parade or kids’ St. Paddy’s Day party. Consider crafts, games and other activities that can be completed at home.

Get a Head Count

Determine if the kids will be allowed to invite a friend or two. Limit the number of friends allowed to keep the celebration manageable.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Menu

Plan a menu full of green foods that the kids will enjoy. Choose food that the kids can help cook. Consider scrambled eggs or pancakes dyed green, green fruits and vegetables and spinach pasta with alfredo sauce dyed green.

Plan Ahead

Make a list of the supplies needed for the St. Paddy’s Day menu and activities. Shop for the supplies at least a week in advance to ensure that you have time to organize everything. This also ensures the stores still have plenty of the popular holiday items.

Set Up Decorations

Decorate your house with green streamers, balloons and shamrock confetti. Enlist the help of the kids to create shamrock cutouts for the walls.

Get Dressed

Dress everyone in a festive green outfit for the holiday. Use face paint to add a small shamrock on the cheeks of the family members. Finish the ensemble with green accessories, such as beads or watches.

Have Fun!

Follow the agenda of activities that you planned for St. Patrick’s Day. Take lots of pictures of the activity to use in a scrapbook.




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