Support for an Ectopic Pregnancy

The loss of a baby due to an ectopic pregnancy can be painful. An ectopic pregnancy is one in which the fetus develops outside of the uterus, generally in the fallopian tubes. A baby is not able to develop there, therefore the pregnancy is terminated or other medical intervention is necessary. While every woman who experiences an ectopic pregnancy handles loss differently, many experience similar feelings of sadness and may find comfort in the support of others.

Medical Intervention

If you suspect you may have an ectopic pregnancy, seek medical attention immediately. To prevent long-term damage to your organs, surgery may be required. Only your doctor can diagnose whether medication, surgery or other intervention will be necessary.


Ectopic pregnancies are often diagnosed early in your pregnancy. You and your partner will probably still be getting used to knowing that you are pregnant and will need to rely a lot on one another during this difficult time. You may want to consider couples counseling if you are both struggling with the loss. If you have not told your family or friends about the pregnancy, telling them about the loss and any necessary surgery may be difficult. Ask a trusted friend or your partner to inform others if you feel too fragile to do so.

Personal Timing

Don’t allow other’s advice to sway your personal conviction. If you already began to prepare for your baby, you need not feel pressured to clear your life of these items. Make changes only as you see necessary. It may also take some time before you are comfortable around your pregnant friends or in a baby store. Be honest with yourself, and let yourself grieve as necessary.

Support Groups

Talk with your doctor about local baby loss, pregnancy loss or ectopic pregnancy support groups. Your local hospital or a local church may offer such groups. Also search online for local support groups. A group will give you the opportunity to learn from others and help others with your experience. You also can share encouragement, advice and tips with true empathy.

Long-Term Medical Advice

Once you have an opportunity to truly grieve, you may start thinking about getting pregnant again. Many women are able to move past an ectopic pregnancy and enjoy a healthy, full-term pregnancy. Talk with your doctor about your concerns and desires. He can relieve your fears and let you know when you should safely try again.



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