What are some easy ways for me to organize my errand running?

Running errands is something we do almost daily. Getting them organized will not only save you time, it will save you gas. The key is to group errands together that are in the same general location. So if you have to go to the Post Office, you can bring your dry cleaning since the dry cleaner is next to the Post Office, and you can bring your banking since the bank is across the street, and you can order that cake for your child’s birthday since the bakery is on the way home!

So before you leave the house, check your to-do list for everything you have to do outside of the house, or to pick up/order. Then group the like errands together – you can number or highlight them. The Buttoned Up Errand.pad is good for capturing your errands! Check your list twice; check your pantry for dinner items you think you have in case you also need to make a quick stop at the grocery store; and ask your family if there is anything they may need. A call home while you are still out to make sure they don’t need anything can save you a second trip later!



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