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On my last blog post I had announced that I was a Twitter-A-Holic. I received comments that it’s a bit intimidating to just jump into Twitter, get started and make a comment to a total stranger. I hear this often, when I rave about Twitter to someone who has yet to build their community. I’ve given several small biz friends Twitter Tutorials and they have been very grateful as they slowly eased in and are really enjoying the real time conversation and networking of Twitter. So I wanted to share these tips with you on getting started. Twitter is a fantastic networking tool as well a way to build your own community of like minded people to share stories, info, tips with. 1. Once you are registered, I suggest finding people you are interested in following. Whether it be CEO’s of companies you admire, business people, authors, celebs, friends. Start there by following people you feel are interesting. 2. Just observe the “tweetstream.” That’s the “timeline” of tweets made by those whom you follow. If one of their comments has struck a chord with you, you can reply. You shouldn’t feel intimidated, because this is whatTwitter is for, conversation & connection. People post things and hope that someone will find their comment valuable or interesting or just want to make a connection with a like minded person. 3. It’s flattering to someone if you “Re-Tweet” their post to people who follow you. It means that you found their tweet interesting enough to show to your community. 4. The more you interact, the more you will have people starting to follow you. 5. It’s like being at a huge party and eventually you find a small group of people who you enjoy chit chatting with. Then you “follow” them and keep in touch, talking about topics you have in common. 6. Start by following @ModernMom Then since you are already part of this community, you may feel more comfortable interacting & you will find other ModernMom fans to connect with. You will probably enjoy these conversations and you will slowly begin to build your own community. I’ve met terrific “Tweeps” from @ModernMom. I like following @ModernMom @BrookeBurke @Mommywood @WomenOnTheFence @MakeUpByCyvia @Lisa and many more! 7. It’s nice to check your “Mentions” daily and respond to someone who commented and included your name. Don’t forget to put the @ symbol before someone’s name or handle or they will not receive the mention and won’t know you mentioned them and therefore cannot respond or connect. For example if you were to say, I love the Modern Mom website, they would not know you mentioned them. You need to write I love the @ModernMom website. 8. You can choose to follow people who follow you… or not. It’s up to you. You can check out who follows you (listed on your prole as followers) and read their profile and if you want to follow them, go ahead. This is how you build your community. 9. Be honest, be yourself, be helpful & have fun! 10. Remember that I warned you…It can be addictive! Last night during the Superbowl, I had so much fun watching Tweets about the commercials in real time and commenting and chatting about them! I could have cared less about the game, but thoroughly enjoyed the Tweetstream. There were so many different opinions, it was a blast! I love the real time convo as opposed to the posts on FB. Twitter is like being at a party from whereever you are at the time. With Twitter, you are never alone! If I’m looking for a resource or an opinion, I make a post and usually get several immediate responses. I’ve connected with biz people whom I admire on Twitter and then I’ve actually met them for coffee occasionally. It’s nice to make the IRL (in real life connection) sometimes. That’s the beauty of Twitter, I hope you find it as rewarding as I have! Let’s follow each other! I’m @SandyAbrams. Tweet me!



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