Bruce Jenner’s Battle With Skin Cancer


Bruce Jenner shared some sobering medical news this week, as the 63-year-old revealed that he recently underwent surgery for skin cancer. 

“I was diagnosed with a form of Melanoma called basal cell carcinoma and have undergone Mohs surgery to remove it,” Jenner told E! News.

“I have been struggling with this for several years and appreciate all of the support and prayers while I continue to fight the battle against skin cancer.”

The former track and field star had cancerous tissue removed from his nose in a procedure that required 30 stitches. He was photographed in Calabasas on Tuesday with a heavily bandaged nose.

Thankfully, a family source told E! News that Bruce is “recovering [and] his prognosis is excellent.”

The “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” patriarch has battled skin cancer in the past. In 2012, he reportedly had a cancerous growth removed from the side of his face.

An avid golfer who loves the outdoors, Jenner says the diagnosis serves as a reminder to be more careful:

“This has taught me to be extra vigilant when out in the sun and I encourage others to get regular checkups and always wear sunscreen.”

Wise words!

Image credit: jla0379 [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons




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