Two Special Birthdays

Hi Friends?! How was your weekend? Did you have a good Super Bowl Sunday?

Last week we had a good time visiting with Papa (my Dad) and Nonna!




They flew out to Idaho from NY so we could celebrate 2 very special birthdays.

Big Brother turned 5, and my Dad turned 60!!!

It was a Toy Story themed birthday. Just what my Dad was hoping for ;-)


For my Dad’s special birthday I decided to make part of his present.


I found a special box made by a local artist.

And inside of it put a photo holder I made for his big day!


I love photography with words! There is something incredibly special and inspiring about it. In fact, after a weekend of working hard you can now find my new Inspiration photography collection in my shop.

For the Big Birthday we took everyone bowling, and to an indoor mini golf course. I did much better at mini golf than bowling. I am pretty sure I caught my husband holding his breath while I was beating him the whole time until he caught up with me on the last hole. Somehow I got lucky and had 2 hole-in-ones! With bowling I was just hoping that my score would be higher than my age ;-)

Little Sister wanted to kick the bowling ball. Right now every ball she sees is a soccer ball.


A few days beforehand, we all took a trip to Schweitzer Mountain. When we arrived at the mountain we realized that we had everything but my daughter’s boots :-O There were no toddler boots for sale anywhere, so we ended up buying a second pair of mittens to put on her feet and pulling her in the sled. Needless to say it was a short amount of time on the mountain.

The views were stunning, but the wind was howling and it was COLD!!!
Big Brother got to try out his snowboard for the first time.
He had a BLAST, and definitely did not want to leave!

Are you a skier or a snowboarder? I consider myself great at sitting by the fire and drinking hot chocolate! :-P



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