What Are the Contents of a First-Aid Family Car Kit?


Health emergencies strike at unexpected times, even when you’re in the car. Whether you have a cut on a day trip or a blister from shopping too long, the first-aid kit provides the supplies needed to patch it up. Keep your first-aid kit in the glove box or with your other car emergency supplies so you know right where it is.


A variety of bandage materials give you flexibility for bleeding wounds of various sizes. Adhesive Band-Aids work well for smaller cuts and scraps, or to cover blisters to prevent further rubbing. Sterile gauze and medical tape offer another way to cover open wounds. Stretch bandages used to wrap around an injury come in handy for sprains or similar injuries while on the go.

Cleaning Supplies

Supplies to clean injuries and wounds help prevent infection when you’re away from home. Cotton balls and pads are useful as wiping or dabbing materials. Antiseptic wipes or moist wipes also work for cleaning the affected area and are convenient because the cleaning agent is built in.


Cuts, burns, insect bites and other minor injuries often benefit from ointments or creams. An antibiotic cream or ointment promotes healing and keeps a cut or scrape protected. Hydrocortisone cream keeps swelling, itching and redness to a minimum for for irritations from bug bites, poison oak and other skin reactions. Calamine lotion also helps with itching and rashes. A well-stocked kit also has poison oak soap and burn ointment.


Administering first aid is easier and more effective with the right tools. Include a pair of tweezers to remove splinters or other items embedded in the skin, but wipe them with an antiseptic wipe before using. You’ll also need gloves and a pair of sterile scissors to cut bandages and other supplies. For administering CPR, include a breathing barrier. Also keep on hand a first aid book as a resource for treating various injuries that could occur.

Instant Cold Pack

Instant cold packs work well in a travel first aid kit because they don’t need to stay cold. You squeeze or punch the pack for instantaneous results. The cold pack helps ease the pain and swelling associated with various injuries, such as muscle strain and sprain.



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