Dare to Blossom: Reveal Your Inner Beauty


Within your heart lies a flowering garden. Pure divine beauty. Gorgeous colors and textures. On the outside we can be so tightly closed. We let fear keep us from revealing the beauty of our soul. Fear can stop us from blossoming before our time is up.

What if you weren’t afraid?

What if you accepted there is more to lose by staying closed, than what you could gain by revealing all the glorious colors of your soul?

When it is hard to write. When it is hard to hit publish. I think of women like Oprah, like Lady Gaga. Women who as a life practice refuse to shut the door on their heart, on their internal source of creativity, despite any fear of what others may think. They help make us strong. They help us to know that being exactly who we are is not only worth risking everything for, it is the only way to live in harmony with our soul, with the universe.

Next time you feel yourself struggling to open. Cut the strings that tie you closed. Say ‘who cares’ to fear! Decide to be a blossoming flower, fully revealing your true inner beauty with the world. What you risk losing is insignificant compared to what you stand to gain.

Live life in full bloom.



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