Can You Really Have It All?


We all try to fit so much into a day, believing that we can "have it all." I’ve always believed that adage as well. However, the older I get the more I realize that yes, I can have it all, but quality may be lacking. It’s the old quality vs. quantity issue. The truth is if I want to focus on a biz project, I can still ‘have" my family and social time, but I won’t be experiencing the quality that I really want in those other categories. 

I’ve realized that having it all means that priorities have to change if not daily, weekly. I’m not willing to give up quality connections with my family, friends or biz. So, if I move through life in a constant muliti-tasking mode, yes, I can have it all, but it’s not as satisfying. So, I’m learning to re-prioritize daily. If I see that my kids need me to help them with something, then I need to take time away from my biz projects and my social life to be sure they feel that I’m really present to help them.

I’m trying to multi-task less and give more full attention to one thing at a time, especially when it comes to my kids. They’ve competed with my blackberry long enough and now, when I’m with them (they are old enough now that I feel my time with them is running out before they are on their way to college!) I’m completely listening to them, engaging them and making a deeper connection. And ya know what? They’ve noticed. Last week, as I was listening to a podcast, I was also emailing & tweeting. When the podcast was over, I could have checked it off my list, but the truth was, I didn’t learn a thing, I wasn’t focused. I was trying to get in quantity instead of quality.

I definitely have ADD and it’s helped me in many ways, but now I’m seeing the pitfalls of trying to do everything, be everywhere, listen to everyone etc. I’m starting fresh and choosing quality over quantity. What do you feel like your experiencing now, quality or quantity? You can change it at anytime.



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