Britney Spears: “I Want More Kids”


She has two adorable little boys with ex-husband Kevin Federline, but Britney Spears isn’t sure that her brood is done growing.

“I’d like to have more kids, settle down…have kids – maybe twins – and get married,” the 31-year-old said during an interview with E! Online. “That would be nice.”

Right now, Spears is on the road promoting her new album, Britney Jean. It’s rumored to be a deeply personal work – which is reflected in the title.

“[My family members] always call me Britney Jean. It’s like a term of endearment. I just wanted to share that with my fans,” she told London radio station Capital FM.

But the former X-Factor judge says that after this album, she plans to take a little time off from recording… perhaps to focus on expanding her family with boyfriend Dave Lucado?

“I’ll take a break after this one for a while,” she told BBC Radio 1.

She’ll also begin a two-year residency at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, which she hopes will provide more stability for  her sons Sean, 8, and Jayden, 7, than constant touring.

“I’ve toured the world so many times and have been in different hotels every night. It’s going to be nice just to have one place to be at for me and my children and my family.”

Image credit: Glenn Francis (Own work) [GFDL or CC-BY-SA-3.0-2.5-2.0-1.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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