How to Wear Eyeliner After Eyelash Extensions


Eyelash extensions are single, synthetic eyelashes applied one by one to your existing eyelashes. The lustrous look of longer, fuller lashes is reliant on a formaldehyde-free adhesive that holds your lashes in place for approximately three weeks at a time. Although some women find little need to wear eyeliner after an eyelash extension application, others may still feel inclined to wear it. If you have eyelash extensions and choose to wear eyeliner, take every precaution not to disturb the adhesive.

Step 1

Stand in front of a well-lighted mirror. Close one eye and take note of the lash line, specifically where your natural lashes and the extensions meet.

Step 2

Line the upper lid using a water-soluble, oil-free eyeliner. Follow the contour of your eye, applying the eyeliner just above the area where your natural lashes and lash extensions meet. Start from the inner corner and work outward.

Step 3

Open your eye, look up and line your lower lid, just below your lash line. Start from the lower inside corner and work outward. Repeat the process on your other eye.



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