Fear of Bees


Sometimes we unintentionally pass on our own fears to our children. I think it is important for me to try not to do that. I realize I am always setting the example, even when it is negative, and what I do has an impact on my kids. There are certain fears that my children have that I do not share, and I wonder how they develop?

My son, for example, is afraid of bees. Neither my husband, nor I share this fear, so it is unlikely he learned it from us. My son has never been stung by a bee so it is not a past painful memory. Now that spring is in full swing and we are spending more time outdoors, having meals outside and enjoying the weather, I find myself having to reassure him many times that the bees will not hurt him if he just leaves them alone.

In the garden surrounding our home we have beautiful lavender plants. I adore their splendor and scent, and so do the bees! I’m not really sure how to go about helping my son overcome his fear. His 3-year-old little sister has now started trying to console her big brother. Just the other day as we were having lunch on the porch in the glorious sunlight, I overheard her say to her brother,

“Him is a friendly bee. Him just don’t like to be touched. If you touch him you’ll hurt his feelings.”

It was really quite sweet and cute. However, despite her kind words, my son was still scared.

Baseball has started, and we plan on spending a lot of time outdoors.


Do you have any advice for me on how to help my son overcome his fear of bees?


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