Staying skinny, eating healthy, and enjoying delicious, flavorful food – all without breaking the bank – what more could a woman ask for? Candice Kumai shows how you can achieve all this and more with fun and style, presenting recipes for everything from sweet, satisfying breakfasts to elegant salads to hearty mains, plus money-saving tips, fun nutrition facts, and party menus.

Better than a diet and infinitely more satisfying, these up-to-date recipes are made with real food, yet have far less fat and calories than their original versions. Think pancakes and burgers are a caloric no-no? Think again! Candice’s dreamy crêpes are made with fresh fruit and nonfat yogurt, and the secret to her juicy sliders is a combo of lean beef and mushrooms. Her cupcakes, pies, and cookies might taste like splurges, but women won’t see them on their hips!

Impress your guests with her ultimate breakfast burrito bar and save both money and calories by whipping up their own salad dressings and hollandaise sauce.

About the Author: Candice Kumai was the cohost of the hit Lifetime series Cook Yourself Thin and a primary contributor to the best-selling companion book. She writes regularly for various food and lifestyle publications. She lives in Los Angeles.



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