My Biggest Parenting Fails of 2013


As a
general rule,
I don’t do New Year’s
. The last thing I really need is to put extra
pressure on myself.

But with
a new year upon us, I know we all look for a fresh start – and often in the
“how to be a better parent” department. We want to yell less, be more patient,
feed the kids healthier meals, spend less time on our tech gadgets, read to
them more… the list goes on and on and on.

why I’ve taken a look back at 2013 and reflected on my biggest parenting fails,
to help me decide what I can do to do better next year.

1. The time I forgot a kid somewhere. Oh, and I mean FORGOT. It was actually so traumatizing
for me that I’m even getting a little twitchy as I’m writing this. Sharing
details would be impossible. But, out of that I learned a big lesson about
forgiveness. Forgiving
myself is still a work in progress.

2.  The time I picked up my kid’s birthday cake from the bakery in the middle of
the party. You got it – I didn’t bake AND I didn’t remember to get a birthday
cake before the party.

3. The usual every day fails: delinquent tooth fairy, lazy Elf on the Shelf, the
time they had sandwiches for dinner three nig
hts in a row, those days I don’t
check the weather forecast and send them to school dressed inappropriately for
the weather – just to name a few.

nonsense aside, 2013 saw a lot of parenting wins. I made a great decision
regarding my daughter’s schooling, I had meaningful conversations with my kids,
shared loads of love and laughs, taught them lessons and dealt with issues that
came up in a way that makes me proud.

So how
about we all take it easy on ourselves in the parenting department this year?
Let’s learn from our mistakes but celebrate our wins.

Have you
set any “parenting goals” for 2014? What have you learned in the last year?



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