Tangled Blu-Ray DVD


Tangled is hands-down one of the most charming animated Disney movies.

The movie follows Rapunzel (voice by Mandy Moore), a young girl secluded from the world by her overprotective mother. Rapunzel dreams of discovering what the world has to offer, when suddenly a bandit named Flynn Ryder (voice by Zachary Levi) chooses Rapunzel’s tower as his hideout. Rapunzel finally escapes her fortress with Flynn and the two embark on a hilarious, action-packed adventure.

Tangled has adventure, comedy, wit, superb animation and catchy songs. A magical story that keeps your eyes glued to the screen, anticipating the surprises to come! An inventive new spin on a traditional fairy tale.

We love the message from the hilarious thugs they encounter at the Snuggly Duckling about following your dreams. What an important message for kids (and adults). Dream and go after those dreams. While we aren’t advocating to disobey parents, kids should be able to fulfill their dreams (within reason, of course) not be confined only by the dreams that we have for them.

It’s the perfect pick for family movie night, with something for both children and adults to enjoy.



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