How Do I Make Baby Food With a Manual Food Mill?


When you make your own baby food at home, you know exactly what your baby is getting. You can create pureed meals from the fruits and vegetables that you buy from the local farmers’ market or take the easy route and puree the dinner that your family is eating. A blender or food processor will do the job, but manual food mills are often smaller and easier to clean up. In just a few minutes, you can have delicious, healthy food for your baby.

Step 1

Steam or boil foods to soften them up. This is necessary if the foods are hard in their natural state, like potatoes or apples. Softer foods like bananas do not require cooking.

Step 2

Drain the food, reserving the liquid.

Step 3

Place the food in your food mill. Some models will require you to remove the grinder blade to do this. If you are not sure, check your model’s instructions.

Step 4

Place the food mill over a bowl, if necessary. Some models will grind the food down into a bowl, while others will push it up through the holes.

Step 5

Turn the handle on the grinder. This will push the food through the holes to puree it.

Step 6

Add the reserved water if the puree seems too thick. Young eaters need thin food, but older babies can handle a thicker consistency. You know your baby best.



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