This Girl Walks Into a Bar


After years of bartending and mixing drinks for celebrities like Bradley Cooper, Beyonce, Julia Roberts, Jamie Foxx, The Rock, and Michael Keaton, Jordan Catapano has written the fun, yet functional bartending guide, This Girl Walks Into a Bar. Created for the woman who needs to know everything about professional bartending or who simply wants to mix drinks like a master at home, the book even has 100 recipes fashioned as flash cards.

"The idea for the book came when there wasn’t a night that a woman didn’t ask me how to break into the job, or how to make great, professional tasting and looking drinks at home," says Jordan.

Jordan teamed up with her sister Jocelyn Dunn Muhlbach who designed the book, complete with step-by-step instructions for planning the perfect cocktail party, advice on drink etiquette, dozens of personal stories from bartenders, and all the info a gal needs to be (or act like) a pro.

Their book is now available on

Jordan and her sister Jocelyn



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