Photography Ideas for Pregnancy


A maternity photo shoot can provide a lasting and treasured keepsake of this important time in your life. You can visit a professional photographer to take a portfolio of poses against varied backdrops or you can simply hand over the digital camera to a friend or family member. Think about the feeling you want to convey as well as possible locations beforehand so that your session will capture a variety of moods and poses.

Heart Over Tummy

Everyone seems to love the classic pose of hands forming a heart over the growing belly. It could be your own hands, the daddy’s hands or even a child’s hands. Pose the father-to-be behind the mom-to-be, wrapping his arms around you and joining his thumbs and forefingers in a heart shape on your belly. He can also get down on his knees and reach up to make the heart. Highlight your growing family by having two siblings each use a hand to create a combined heart.

All About Relationships

Mom isn’t the only one who’s happily awaiting baby’s arrival. Create a photo shoot that includes all the new people who can’t wait for baby to come. This might be dad giving the belly a hug or an older sibling giving the belly a kiss. If you’re lucky enough to be pregnant at the same time as a sister or friend, try a photograph together with your bellies touching.

Focus on the Belly

The big, round belly is a natural focus for maternity photo shoots. Take a few images of just the belly from different angles — a side profile view and a view from the top, for example. If you’re not comfortable showing your unclothed belly, you can still take evocative pictures. Wear a form-fitting shirt or a flowing dress that highlights the belly.

Natural Poses

Your pregnancy photographs don’t all have to be posed. You can capture some lovely moments with candid shots in your everyday settings. This might be relaxing on the couch, cooking in the kitchen or reading a good book under a tree. Try to ignore the camera to capture these natural poses.


Your belly doesn’t have to be front-and-center in every single picture. You can create more interest in your images by placing the belly in the corner and focusing on something else in the background, such as a beach or a beautiful wooded area.



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