How to Make Do Without a Baby Changing Table


Getting pregnant typically includes a lot of excitement and shopping. Walk into any baby store and you can easily spend a few thousand dollars on multiple pieces of furniture that you think you need. Certain pieces, such as a changing table, are not necessary. You can easily make do without a changing table, whether it’s in public or at home. Put together an alternative diaper changing station or solution.

Step 1

Put together a mobile diaper changing station in a bin, basket or tote. Include a changing pad, diapers, wipes, baby powder and ointment for diaper rash.

Step 2

Carry the mobile changing station to whatever room your baby is in. This makes it easier to roam from room to room or visit grandma.

Step 3

Roll out the changing pad on a flat, safe surface, such as a bed, large chair or sofa. Having all your supplies on hand will likely make it easier and faster to change his diapers.

Step 4

Keep a clean towel, receiving blanket or changing pad in your diaper bag for public situations when a restroom doesn’t have a changing table. While your baby is small, you can squat down and lay the changing pad on your thighs if you have no other flat surface available to safely use.



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