How to Get Coupons for Babies R Us


Having a baby is expensive. Your shopping list is likely to double — or more — for the basics your baby needs, such as diapers and formula. You’ll still have to purchase clothes, toys and numerous other products. You’ll most likely find yourself in baby specialty stores, such as Babies R Us, more than the grocery store. Do everything you can to save money by getting coupons for your favorite store.

Step 1

Create a baby registry at Babies R Us if you haven’t had a baby shower or the baby yet. You’ll receive a coupon from Babies R Us to purchase the remaining items on your gift registry at a discount after your shower.

Step 2

Sign up for Rewards R Us at a store or at the Babies R Us website. You’ll receive discount coupons and special deals available only to Rewards R Us members on an ongoing basis.

Step 3

Browse coupon sites online, such as or They’ll list any available coupon codes or discount offers that you can enter on your online orders for discounts on specific items or on certain days.



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