The Difference Between Boys and Girls


Ahh, the differences between boys and girls…

My boys are three and five. My oldest is athletic while my youngest is more creative. Since I’m the ONLY female in the house I sometimes feel that I don’t belong.

There is so much testosterone that I wonder if I have walked into the Twilight Zone. As my boys get older the differences between boys and girls are amazingly stark. Here are my observations:

1. Getting dressed in the morning

Girls: Look at outfits, try several on, carefully select – accessories, shoes, socks, skirt/pants, shirt, coat and brush hair. It’s a very civilized process.

Boys: Throw clothes around, punch brother, run nude down the hall way while chasing your brother, glance at clothes – select shirt, pants, socks and then stall, stall, stall.

2. Playtime inside for an hour (or as my boys see it, playing for 3,600 seconds.)

Girls: Sit nicely and quietly while they draw/color and/or read books.

Boys: Lego, Uno, trains, dinosaurs, punch, hit, scream, run, books, cars, drawing and then press repeat. I’m exhausted by this list and we still have 2,000 seconds to go.

3. Having a disagreement

Girls: Mind games, emotional issues, resentment, hurt feelings and crying.

Boys: Punch, cry, say you are sorry and then move on.

4. Speaking and vocabulary

Girls: Carefully thought out sentences, soft spoken, listening and paying attention.

Boys: Potty talk, (for example how many times can you use the word “weenis” in a sentence? I mean, really – Happy Halloweenis!?), loud, and lots of one word answers.

5. Outside playtime

Girls: Hop, skip, jump, chalk and talking with friends.

Boys: Mud, puddles, running, tag, dirt, sticks, jumping, screaming and of course, more potty talk.

They (I have no idea who they are) say that boys are a lot of work in the younger years and then when the teenage years hit, boys tend to be easier. Here’s hoping because otherwise I’m going to have to start drinking coffee to keep up. :-)

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