Then Again by Diane Keaton


Bravo to Diane Keaton.

Her new memoir, Then Again, will lift your spirits!

It’s a collage about loving thy mother, friends, children and most importantly – loving thy self.

Born with the name Diane Hall, she shares the spotlight with her mother, Dorothy Deanne Keaton, whose surname she adopted professionally.

It’s interesting to read about her formative years and especially her movie star romances- Al Pacino, Warren Beatty and of course Woody Allen, where the story of Annie Hall was born!

Keaton adopted her first daughter, Dexter, at the age of 50 and a son named Duke five years later. In reading her story, you’ll be most touched by how the hum drum of raising two young children has brought her to a place of normalcy and happiness.

This is a journal of iconic heights brought home. Our hats off to you, Diane!  

This a must-read for every Modern Mom!



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