How to Have a Baby as a Single Woman


Deciding to have a baby as a single woman can be a joyous time in your life, while attracting negative feedback from your peers or loved ones. Every woman’s situation is different, and only you can decide what’s right for you and your future child. Before you become pregnant, weigh your options and proceed in a way that will ensure your baby will have everything she needs. Many children grow up in single-parent households and turn out just fine.

Step 1

Consider your options for conceiving. You can use random one-night stands hoping to conceive, or you can take more control. Enlist a good friend to donate his sperm or choose from anonymous donors at a sperm bank. Some facilities allow you to browse through donors’ profiles online.

Step 2

Talk to your doctor and review your insurance policy to see if artificial insemination or other fertility treatments will be covered. Some policies will only cover such treatments if you are married.

Step 3

Implement a plan to have positive male role model in your child’s life, whether it’s your father, a few good friends or through sports or organizations. If you use a friend’s sperm or conceive the natural way, you’ll have to come to an agreement with the child’s biological father about his physical, legal and financial obligations.

Step 4

Track your ovulation cycle to give yourself the best chance of conception. Prepare yourself for the possibility that it may take a lot of time and money before you actually do conceive.

Step 5

Visit your chosen clinic or inseminate yourself when you have the best chance of conception. Try to do something to keep yourself busy during the two weeks that follow so you don’t drive yourself crazy waiting to see the results on that little stick.



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