I Loved You Before You Were Born


I saw the sweetest thing between a mother and a child once when I was visiting with an old client of mine. It was time for her daughter to go to sleep and the mother (my client) asked her daughter what story she wanted before bed. The little girl promptly replied, “I want to hear the story about how I was born.” My client scooped her daughter in her arms and began to tell this amazing tale about how this fabulous little being came to be here.

She started the story from before she met her husband and how she longed and hoped to meet someone someday that she could fall in love and have children with. Then one day she went to a dinner party dinner where she sat next to the most handsome man she had ever seen. The little girl yelled, “ My Daddy!!!” “Yes,” replied my client. She went on about their relationship and how they fell in love, got married and decided they wanted to have a baby. Again the little girl exclaimed, “That’s when I was in your belly!!!”

With a smile, the mother talked about what it was like to be pregnant with her and how much she already loved her even before she was born. She told her how she felt her kicking and wondered if she was a boy or girl and what would the name would be … and the little girl with excitement shouted out, “If it’s a boy we will name him Charlie and if it’s a girl, Charlotte.” “Right,” said the mom. “And then one night I felt pains,” she continued, “and they came faster and faster and stronger and stronger, so your daddy and I went to the hospital. We waited and waited”. And the little girl said “ but no Charlotte”. “So,” said the mom, “I went to sleep and woke up because I felt it was time to push you out. So I pushed and I pushed”. Again the little girl exclaimed, “ But no Charlotte”. “So I pushed more and even harder,” the mom said “and finally … ”

And with that, the little girl yelled, “I was born!!!!!!” “Yes you were born,” the mother said. “I kissed you all over and told you how much I love you.” Little Charlotte said, “And you cried tears of joy!!”

My client told me later that night that at least 3 times a week, Charlotte asks to hear the story of how she was born, that she knows it by heart and sometimes she even hears her reciting it to her dolls when she plays with them.

Children LOVE to hear about how they were born. I was beyond obsessed with it! The book my parents use to read me about how I was born was completely tattered and torn from me never putting it down.

Something I suggest my clients do while pregnant is to make or write a personalized “I LOVED YOU BEFORE YOU WERE BORN” book or story. This plants seeds in children that they were wanted and loved before they were even born. Growing up with this is so important for building a foundation of self-love and healthy self-esteem.

Can you imagine if your parents gifted you with a story like this? Here’s what you will need to create a story of your own – a notebook, scrapbook, journal or you can make a personalized book online.

Start writing the story of your path leading up to having your child. Collect pictures and memorabilia (kids are visual so the more pictures or details, the better).

Make it unique and authentic as every birth and journey into being is.

I can promise you this will be your child’s most VERY favorite story ever to hear!



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