One for the Money


Based on the best-selling book by Janet Evanovich, One for the Money is a just-released action comedy starring the always gorgeous and adorable Katherine Heigl.

Heigl brings to life Stephanie Plum, the Jersey born and bred heroine of Evanovich’s popular eighteen-book mystery series. In the character’s big-screen debut, Plum finds herself out of work, broke and desperate for some quick cash.

The action begins when Plum decides to accept a job as a recovery agent for her cousin’s bail bonding company. Her first mission: To find and capture none other than Joe Morelli (played by Jason O’Mara), her once upon a time high school crush who dumped her all those years ago.

It’s an interesting plot (what could be sweeter than revenge with a huge payday?), but ultimately the film fails to deliver. In fact, the only thing less convincing that Katherine Heigl’s Jersey accent is the chemistry between her and O’Mara.

However, the supporting actors were well worth the ticket price. Sherri Shepherd was hilarious as Lola, a fiesty hooker with a heart of gold and an eccentric fashion sense. And Daniel Sunjata stole the show… if only he had more screen time. Fingers crossed for a film where he gets to be the lead – what a sexy man!

The film also stars Debbie Reynolds and John Leguizamo. Rated PG-13, One for the Money is now in theaters. Check out the trailer below:




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