Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2

Hang ten with Barbie in her new movie, Barbie in a Mermaid Tale 2, out on DVD March 6th.

Barbie plays the character of Merliah, a mermaid princess who was raised by her grandfather since she was born with legs rather than a mermaid tail.

Not only is she underwater royalty, but on land she’s a surfing champion too!

Of course, Merlilah makes a big splash both in human world and under the sea. Except this time, our favorite half-human half-mermaid is faced with issues trying to best juggle both her human life, as well as the duties that come with being a mermaid princess.

Follow Merlilah as she travels to Australia for the big surf competition against her Australian competitor, Kylie Morgan. But wait! The Changing of the Tides Ceremony in Oceana takes place at the same time, except this ceremony only happens once every twenty years. Merlilah is left with a huge decision to make.

And to make matters worse, evil Aunt Eris has escaped from her whirlpool in order to take over Oceana.

Can Merlilah and her adorable sea friends stop Eris?




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