The Hunger Games

If you haven’t read the much talked about novel, you need to watch the film adaptation. If you have read the novel, you still need to watch the film.

In the case that you haven’t heard about what The Hunger Games are all about, let me fill you in. Set sometime in the future, what is assumed to be left of North America is split into twelve districts. A boy and a girl between the ages of twelve and sixteen are chosen at random to represent each district in a televised event called the Hunger Games. In the actual Hunger Games, the children are forced to eliminate their competitors, while the citizens from the 12 districts watch. They go without food or water in a fight to the death where there can only be one winner. The winner of the hunger games is taken care of for the rest of his or her life, including food, wealth, and housing.

Prim, a twelve-year-old girl, is chosen to be one of the representatives of District 12. Her sister, Katniss, volunteers to be the representative instead. The male representative is Peeta. The movie follows District 12. After they are selected, they are taken to the Capitol, where they are prepared for the hunger games. The representatives are then trained, given makeovers to prepare themselves for TV, and then they are thrown into the arena of the hunger games. The children are forced to fight in the same arena, day and night, while the Capitol bets on the children to see who will win. Katniss and Peeta end up teaming together to survive. Of course, you’re just going to have to see for yourself who wins.

The Hunger Games are sure to have you on the edge of your seat! Cue the hunger game-themed dreams. 



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