Because Your Mommy Loves You


Because Your Mommy Loves You is a beautiful book with a powerful theme of encouraging self-reliance and confidence in our little ones. 

When a mother and son go on a camping trip, there are lots of situations where it would be easy for the boy to become discouraged with a hard or scary task – like putting up a tricky tent or crossing a stream on a wiggly log.

But thanks to his mother’s reassuring support, those obstacles become opportunities for learning and growth. 

The story, written by Andrew Clements, is touchingly realistic. Sometimes we burn our marshmallows on the first try, sometimes we get chilly after the sun goes down – but Clements shows that there are practical solutions to issues like this (such as getting a sweatshirt out of the tent). 

Rather than getting frustrated or being coddled by a parent, children learn to be independent and solve their own problems – a welcome message that any parent will appreciate!

Because Your Mommy Loves You, by Andrew Clements and illustrated by R.W. Alley, is available from Amazon



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