Stop Feeling Guilty


Recently, a Mom posted on a Facebook sell & swap page and stated “I shamefully admit that I failed at cloth diapers,” and then proceeded to list the cloth diapers she was selling.

After I read her post I was irritated. Why are we Mums so hard on ourselves? Being a parent is the toughest job in the world and yet we are always judging ourselves to someone else’s standards.

I readily admit I raise my voice at my kids. The people downstairs and my neighbours know it. But guess what? Sometimes, it needs to be done. At 9:30pm it is time to go to bed, no more excuses or requests, lights out. Or sometimes, it is time to put down the foam sword (which I have asked my child 5 times to do already) and put your shoes on because we need to get to school. Am I screwing up my kid (probably!) but so is the Mother down the street. There is no perfect parent, just like there is no perfect man or woman.

Every Mami has a different style of parenting. And one style of parenting isn’t better than the other because at our cores we ALL love our kids. Why else would we endure labour? :-)

I find it heartbreaking and sad that as Mamans are so tough on ourselves. There is always something we aren’t doing right. We aren’t using BPA-free dishes or making our kids eat more fruits and vegetables or aren’t spending enough time with our kids or are letting them veg out in front of the iPad for too long or they play the Xbox too much. You get the idea. It is never ending.

Enough I say!

Every day every Mom should be patting herself on the back for a job well done. So dear readers, I challenge you. Tweet me @weebootmom and let me know what child related thing you will stop judging yourself on. Rant over! :-)



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