Benefits of Being A Mompreneur


I am one half of The Biz BFFs team, a fun venture that I do with my friend Cassie Piasecki, interviewing local LA/OC entrepreneurs once a month just for fun to promote entrep. and share advice and mistakes.  We had our interviews set with three lovely ladies coming to my neighborhood for the interviews. Cassie had gotten her blow dry before heading up from the OC, my hair had been cut and highlighted, manis done, iced coffees in hand and we were giggling in the lobby of Shade Hotel (where our interviews were going to take place) …and then the school nurse called. 

My 15 yr old son had gone into the weight room at school during lunch to do some extra weight lifting. He’d gotten overzealous not waiting for his football team workout. He wasn’t being spotted and the weight bar dropped on his jaw line. It was 90 lbs. My son knows I’m a worrier and he texted me from the nurse’s office saying, "You are about to get a call from the nurse, she’s overreacting, I’m ok." Then, sure enough the nurse calls. She has a sense of urgency in her voice that contradicts his calmness.  She stresses that I get there immediately to get him to the doctor because he could have internal injuries. Meanwhile, I can hear my son saying, "Please tell her I’m ok." That was reassuring, but the nurse was not.

So, here I was…just about to conduct these interviews and boom…had to cancel just as the ladies were about to arrive. Cassie started texting them as I was calling the doctor. She immediately shuttled me to school, and tried to calm me on the way over by saying, "We are so lucky to be entrepreneurs and just able to change gears immediately to be there for our kids. No one is going to penalize us, the ladies will understand and your son needs you. " She was so right. I didn’t have to ask anyone if I could leave. It was my decision. 

Wow, she took charge and was such a good friend. She could have easily been annoyed after driving an hour to get there and all gussied up, now the day was a wash. But she generously sat in the car while I got my son, talked to the nurse, signed him out, and she took us back to my car.  She smiled and said how happy she was that he seemed ok. She texted later to be sure he was well and never once complained about being inconvenienced. 

As I’ve always said, surround yourself with people that lift you up, care about you, and want the best for you. Cassie stepped up to the plate and I will never forget that! All three of the ladies as well as the hotel staff were so understanding.  I felt so grateful that my son was fine and he was very lucky not to have been seriously injured. Then I realized how true Cassie’s comments were. I am so lucky to be my own boss and be able to be there during stressful times for my kids. 

Even the best laid plans can be unexpectedly interrupted…so when your day goes smoothly and you’ve managed to be a good mom AND do business, be very grateful! It’s a delicate balancing act, that when done right, feels so good!



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