Safe Haven: The Book

When you’re in the mood for a good romantic book that will bring you drive you through an emotional roller coaster and leave you in tears, you reach for a Nicholas Sparks novel.  Sparks is consistent when it comes to penning the ultimate love story for any age.  His characters go through a plethora of different conflicts and issues to end up together.  Safe Haven is as expected, a fabulous love story.  What makes it stand out among his other novels, though, is the action and intensity. 

Safe Haven follows Katie, a mysterious and beautiful girl, who just moved to Southport, North Carolina.  She doesn’t make friends, but rather keeps to herself.  The tight knit community is confused by her lack of socialization.  Through a series of events, she is drawn reluctantly into a relationship with her new neighbor, Jo, and the convenience store owner, Alex.  Alex is recently widowed with two children.  As Katie falls for his kids, she falls for him, too.  But her past gives her pause, and she has to decide if she will risk her identity for roots with Alex or keep running.

Safe Haven has the dark tones of unhappy marriages, abuse, a corrupt system, and the supernatural.  While Sparks generally sticks to romance, he has a knack for suspense, too, as proven in this novel.  The characters are mysterious with an unexpected twist at the end. 
Even if you aren’t a huge fan of Nicholas Sparks novels, definitely give Safe Haven a chance.  And whatever you do, do not look at the spoilers on Goodreads!  It’s so much better to be surprised by the end. 

Recently, Safe Haven the movie wrapped up filming.  The movie is expected to premiere early next year.  I was lucky enough to visit Nicholas Sparks on the set.  When we get closer to the film, I’ll be sharing photos and behind-the-scenes secrets (no spoilers, though, I promise!) to get you excited to see it. 

All I can say now is that the descriptions in the book are very accurately portrayed by the film’s location.  Other than that, I’m going to keep mum.

If you’ve read the novel, please tell us what you think in the comments!  What do you think of Nicholas Sparks’ novels?



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