Hard Candy Fitness: Addicted to Sweat Series


Do you have trouble fitting workouts into a busy schedule?

If you don’t have time to hit the cardio machines at the gym or wake up for an early jog, you should check out “Addicted to Sweat.”  

It’s a sexy new workout series by Madonna’s personal trainer, Nicole Winhoffer, who is also the creative director of Madge’s program at Hard Candy Fitness.

There’s no question about it: Dance workouts put you in touch with your inner sexy beast.  Swirling your hips and sweating up a storm will amp up your confidence and put you in a great mood for the whole day. 

The Material Girl commented, “The Addicted to Sweat series is inspired by my weekly workout regimen that helps me take care of my mind and body.”

From the looks of Madonna’s gun show, this is definitely a workout worth trying.  She created Hard Candy Fitness in 2010 as a global luxury fitness club with group and personalized fitness programs.  Currently there are clubs in Moscow, Santiago, and Mexico City, and several locations in planning around the world.

Of the series, Winhoffer says, “Madonna is my mentor and my teacher.  Working together these last few years has enabled us to reach our goals in creating a beautiful and ideal physique for her.  Through this experience, we were able to create training techniques that I get to showcase in the Addicted to Sweat DVDs.”

There are four DVDs in the series.  The first, entitled “ATS Dance: Get Wet,” is structured like a dance class.  Winhoffer takes you through choreography step by step and focuses on perfect form to strengthen the core.  It’s so much fun, you won’t be thinking about how much longer you have to go.

The second DVD is called Jaw Breaker Towel: Slippery When Wet.  Using two towels, this workout targets the major muscle groups: abs, core, arms, chest, and back.  Winhoffer challenges every muscle to grown longer, leaner, and stronger.  Because it calls on resistance instead of weight, any fitness level can improve with this workout.

DVD three is called ATS Dance: Wet, Wet, and Wild.  It builds off the foundation set in the first DVD with more diverse choreography to drive your workout to the next level.  Once again, you’ll torch calories and drench yourself in sweat while discovering just how sexy you are.

The fourth and final DVD in the set is called Jaw Breaker Chair: Dripping Wet.  All you need are a chair and the floor to follow along with this super challenging workout.  Through super sexy moves using the chair, you’ll sculpt, tone, and tighten your entire body.

The complete Addicted to Sweat DVD set is available today on www.AddictedToSweatDVD.com for $59.95.



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