Classic Hairstyles for Older Women


Hairstyles that looked good on you in your 20s and 30s may not enhance your appearance in your later years. As you mature, your hair and features change, requiring you to adjust your style to create an attractive appearance. Classic styles — ones that don’t come and go with changing trends and fluctuating fads — are the best choice for older women.

Short Sweep

Short hairstyles are attractive on most older women. Have your stylist cut the top and side sections of your hair just long enough to keep the strands from sticking up. Leave some wisps around the outside edges, along your nape, in front of your ears and above your forehead. While a short cut allows you a great amount of wash-and-wear freedom, sharply manicured locks framing your face can cause your mature features to look harsh and unappealing. Style your short cut by applying a little styling gel to your fingertips and working it through your hair. Use a comb or your fingers to direct the hair in a sweeping motion from a low side part toward your ears and nape. Pull a few tendrils forward on your cheekbones and in front of your ears to create softness.


While straight, flat hair around your face may make your features look old and harsh, a layered cut allows you to combine length with softness. Classical layers help to give you fullness on top of your head and length around your nape. Choose a bottom length that falls between the nape of your neck and your shoulder blades. Taper the hair around your face, creating graduated layers to frame your features. Keep the length on the top of your head long enough to style or pull back in a hair band. This versatile cut allows you to create a quick and casual blow-dried style or form curls for a more stylish look.

Half Twist

One of the most romantic designs in classic hairstyles for older women involves pulling the hair back into pins and clasps. This style works well for medium-length hair. While French twists and up-dos look attractive for many occasions, they can seem too formal on older women. A half twist allows you to pull part of your hair away from your face, while leaving a portion of your locks covering your neck and shoulders. Create this style by sectioning off the top half of your hair, pulling the strands to the back of your head. Twist this section of hair in a spiral, clipping it to your scalp about 4 inches from the ends. Allow the loose ends of your half twist to cover your clip or barrette. Use a curling iron to place a few waves in the tips of your twist and the loose hair along your neck.



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