Back Stretches for Pregnant Women


A shifting center of gravity, ligaments loosened by hormonal shifts and, of course, extra weight all can add up to serious back pain during pregnancy for many women, explains Warm compresses, good posture and careful lifting practices can help, but a few simple stretches can also relieve back aches. Of course, you should always check with your health care provider if your pain is serious or persistent and get her go-ahead before trying any new physical activities.

Forward Bend

This easy-to-do stretch helps stretch and strengthen your back to reduce pain. To do it, sit in a comfortable chair with your arms relaxed, then bend slowly forward, letting your arms hang loose in front of you. Don’t push yourself too far — if your abdomen starts to hurt or feel uncomfortable, relax and don’t try to bend any farther. Hold the stretch for about 5 seconds, then slowly straighten back up, being careful not to arch your back. Repeat five times for best results.

Pelvic Tilt

Kneel on the ground with your palms flat on the ground, keeping your head and back aligned, your hands directly below your shoulders and your hips directly above your knees. Arch your spine up, pulling in your abdomen as you arch, and hold the position for about 5 seconds before relaxing back to your starting position. Repeat this move five times, increasing to 10 times over time if you need to.

Back Press

To improve your posture and stretch your back, do a back press. Stand about a foot from a flat wall with your feet a shoulder-width apart and your arms at your sides, then lean your back against the wall, pressing your lower back into the wall and keeping your feet in the same place. Hold the stretch for a count of 10, then return slowly to starting position. Repeat the stretch up to 10 times to relax the tension in your back muscles.



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