Make Your Daily Routine Enjoyable by Staying Present


Recently, I’ve been having little pep talks with myself about slowing down, immersing myself in the present moment, and enjoying more. Monday morning we were running around getting ready to take my son to school. The clock was ticking away as it does. It came time to brush my daughter’s hair. I decided I was going to take this opportunity to be in the moment, focus solely on the simple task of brushing her hair.

The brush glided through her shimmering locks, and I consciously took a few deep breaths. I appreciated the beauty of her hair, and its silky feel. I fully appreciated the moment with her, the sensation of our loving exchange. This usual morning routine was completely transformed simply by being present in the moment at hand.

Instead of worrying about the future, and what’s next, and the oncoming tasks of getting everyone’s shoes on, getting in the car, driving to school, I was able to stay in the moment and therefor felt gratitude for our interaction instead of stress. It was a huge eye opener for me to see how beautiful even chaotic times during the day can be if we stay present.

Today during one normal activity in your daily routine, take a moment to breathe consciously and focus only on the task at hand. Let go of everything else. You’ll find that is where the joy in your life resides.


The present moment is where love and gratitude for life are found.



Thank you for reading friends!




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