Mommy Motivation: Grab a Buddy and Get to Work!


I have to confess. I simply cannot wait to crank up my music, turn off my mind and attack the gym, alone, with no interruption. While a good, solid-workout alone is such an amazing release, I do value the importance of sharing fitness tips with friends to help spread my wings into unexplored exercise territory.

Studies show that one of the biggest factors to reinforce exercise adherence is people. When you work-it-out with a partner you not only motivate each other to push that much harder, but you create a positive team that can become accountable to each other. Just as you hire personal trainer, it is hard to skip a workout when you have committed to an appointment and real person awaiting your arrival.

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When choosing a workout buddy, make sure it is someone who has similar fitness goals to yours. Whether it may be fat-loss, enhancing muscle-tone, increasing flexibility or pumping-up your cardio-respiratory endurance, working with someone who is driven to meet those same goals will help you both maximize your potential to win. While it is nice to work with someone who is at the same fitness-level, it is also beneficial to train with a partner that has different expertise than you may have. This creates a “learn and do” environment that can force you to get out of your everyday “box” and trick your body to try something new… The ultimate way to fight body-morphing plateaus.

My friend and fitness Mommy Tiffani Bachus and ME!
Why It Works:


Figure Competitor, Personal Trainer and Fitness Writer


FitnessCompetitor,Personal Trainer,Registered Dietician

Intense weight training focusing on one or two muscle per workout, cardiovascular conditioning done separately, kickboxing. FAVORITE EXERCISES Yoga, Core and full-balanced body routines, dance.

Pros: Extreme strength and Cardiovascular endurance.

Cons: Flexibility


Pros: Strong core and amazing flexibility.

Cons: Cardiovascular stamina and endurance

Mandatory Warm-up:
5-7 minute express jog at a steady, even pace.

Two moderate-leveled resistance exercise bands or tubing with handles and a 5-10 pound medicine ball

Complete this entire workout twice and follow both rounds by a 60-second sprint that can be performed with or without a band placed around your partner’s torso. Take turns as to who will hold the band handles and who will have the band around her hips to add extra-resistance to this cardio blast.

Shoulder Raise and Press – 30 repetitions

Set up:
While facing your partner, hook both exercise bands together and split apart so the tubing is taught. Partner one with begin with her arms raised over her shoulders and partner two will begin with the arms long a straight-down at her sides.
With arms straight, elbows soft and abdominals tight, partner one with slowly drop her arms down to her side and squeeze the back of her shoulder muscles as partner two simultaneously raises her arms overhead stretching the top of her shoulders and lengthening her back.
Training Tip:
Balance off each other’s energy as you engage your core muscles to stabilize balance inconsistencies you both might have. Slow and controlled movement is ideal. Arms need to stay straight throughout the exercise to elongate and lengthen the working muscles.

Lunge Pass Rotations-30 repetitions

Set up:
Face each other about 8 feet apart with a side stance and strong legs with Partner One holding the medicine ball
With momentum, Partner One will bend into her right knee, rotating her torso to the right, while keeping her left leg straight. She is holding the ball at heart level with her elbows up and out. Simultaneously, Partner Two will mimic the same lunge, twist and arm placement, but instead to the left. At the same time, both partners will straighten their legs and face each other as Partner One passes the medicine ball to partner two. This will immediately be followed but the lunge and torso twist to the opposite side that each person originally began. Continue the rotation pass and lunge in a rhythmic, powerful tempo.
Training Tip:
This is a heart pounder! As you increase your heart rate, keep focused on your form, protecting your knees at all costs. Legs and core need to be tight and turned-on.


Chest/ Tricep Chain- 15 repetitions and then switch places and perform 15-more.

Set up:
Stand facing the same way, Partner One in the front of Partner Two, about 4-feet apart. Stagger your feet so both of you have your right foot in front and left leg and back, knees bent. Partner One will hold both handles and place band under her arms. Partner Two will grab the backside of the band with an underhand grip and keep arms shoulder width apart.
Simultaneously Partner One will press both arms straight out and engage her chest muscles as Partner Two pulls the band downward, squeezing her triceps until her arms are straight. Both partners will now return to the starting position and repeat. Both people will now return to the starting position and repeat.
Training Tip:
Training in a “chain” requires careful precision and focus to balance and strength, especially in the legs and core. As one person becomes in-balanced or fatigued it can be quite challenging to maintain control and coordination of the exercise. Breathe purposefully, keeping your core super tight and focus on slow, controlled movements to maximize the full-body benefits of this exercise.

Ball Pop and Push-30 repetitions

Set up:
Face your partner and separate about 10 feet from each other. Both need to place their heels just outside the hips and keep the knees soft.
Partner One will begin with the ball and squat low in her legs, dropping her hips to the floor. With momentum, partner one will push off her heals and throw the ball to partner two. As Partner two catches the ball, she will also execute a string leg squat, push up through the heals to the beginning potion and throwing it back to partner one. Repeat with a constant tempo.

Push-Up Pass-10 pushups and then switch to the opposite arm and complete 10 more.

Set up:
Face your partner and drop down to a plank position. Partner One with begin with her right palm firmly planted on the medicine ball and left palm on the ground. Partner two will have both hands flat on the ground.
Both partners will do one push up at the same time. As you both exhale and push your palms into the ball or ground, Partner One will push and pass the medicine ball from under her right hand to Partner Two’s left hand. Repeat the push up together and push the ball back to Partner One.





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