Life After the All-Stars


Life is back to reality now…

I traded in my ball gowns for sweats, my hair is in a frizzy ponytail and the glamorous ballroom luxuries are wrapped. 

I miss everyone at Dancing With The Stars already. What an amazing All-Star season, I had a blast! But I already have dressing room withdrawal – my home away from home, my peaceful cave and confirmation that work truly is a pleasure for busy moms!

Today I drove my kids to school, worked out, did some major grocery shopping and marinated my dinner for tonight! Back to business as usual.  Except of course, for the fact that I am getting ready to have my thyroid surgery. 

I decided to stop stressing about it and enjoy this week at home with my family as much as possible.  Ever since I broke the news, I have had to talk about cancer every day to every friendly person that I run into, which has been a constant reminder of the challenges that lie ahead.

On the flip side, so many people have shared their thyroid experiences with me, and their scars – which surprisingly look pretty darn good.  I am hopeful for a successful procedure and I am planning on a speedy recovery.

My sis and little brother are coming in tonight from out of town, I can’t wait for some family time.  I am sure we will be gathered around our living room listening to the kids sing songs, whish is one of my favorite family joys.

I have so much to organize with all my kids, school stuff, sports and activities that my biggest concern is letting go and knowing that I will have to step down and let everyone else run my brood for a while.  My inner control freak is in a panic and has already started meal planning, printing schedules and organizing play dates. My mom and all my dear friends have offered their help to me in the upcoming weeks and I’m kind of thinking that this time off to rest – my mandatory vacation – may actually due me loads of good.  It’s been a manic busy year, and I am quite looking forward to some R&R. I think…

But still, letting go and giving in to the fact that I will be down for the count for awhile is hard for me to handle. I’m lousy at being still because I am so used to doing everything.

I have a bunch of movies ready to go that I will finally have time to watch and I will hopefully catch up on all the sleep that I missed this year while I was trying to conquer the world.  It’s funny how I get into overdrive, which is honestly my most comfortable speed – and that it has taken a medical issue like mine to slow my ass down.  I still have so much to do before my surgery, but I am ready.  I plan on doing a lot of writing too.

I know it’s been a while but I needed to quiet the noise and check out for a bit.



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