The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book


One of the most common questions I’m asked by parents (other than “how do I get my child to sleep?”) is the following:

How do I play with my child in a way that will help them with development and educating them at the same time?

Amanda Morin’s The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book not only gives you ideas for how to entertain your child, but also explains how your child will learn from these games in such a fun way they won’t even realize they are learning.

Morin’s book is structured in an easy to understand way, outlining what children are learning from each activity. She also shares ways to encourage your child to explore and elaborate on each concept.

For example, flash cards can seem boring, but Morin explains some creative ways to use flash cards in different formats, makes it less of a chore for a child and much more exciting.

I’ll be using many of her ideas from now on when working with elementary grade children and I will definitely recommend this book to all parents and caregivers I know. It’s an easy-use-guide that is full of creative ideas and kids are going to love working with and learning from this amazing expert advice.

In fact, we can all learn from this approach, of encouraging our children to learn in all areas of their life!

The Everything Kids’ Learning Activities Book: 145 Entertaining Activities and Learning Games for Kids is available online from Amazon.



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