Skylanders SWAP Force


Kids everywhere are anxiously awaiting the newest version of the super-popular Skylanders video game, which hits shelves next week.

So of course, my son and his friends were beyond thrilled for the opportunity to preview and play Skylanders SWAP Force in an amazing Game Truck that was tricked out in the coolest Skylanders decor.

Activision Publishing, Inc. really outdid themselves with this game – the SWAP Force toys are more interactive (both on and off-screen) than previous versions and the 16 new characters have tops and bottoms that are connected by magnets so players can mix and match. 

And wait, there’s more! Each individual top and bottom has different unique characteristics with special powers, so by combining, players are able to invent their own characters and capitalize on their powers.

But instead of hearing it from me, check out what the kids said:

“The game is really fun. I like the idea of mixing the Skylanders up. It’s the best game ever!” – Ollie

“It was great!” – Jared

“This game is way better than the other two” – Adam

“This idea is a total success. The creation of the swapping figures is really creative and amazing.” – William

“This game was great! I loved the new characters. The graphics were awesome. Best game ever.” – Jake

“This is totally awesome! Go Grim Creeper!” – Zach Z

“This game is good because I like how you can combine people” – Zubin

“The game is fun!” – Jai

“Very good graphics and awesome characters. Love the swapping idea” – Zach R

“A great idea. The graphics are good and the plot is fun” – Phillip

“Awesome” – Zach D

“Better than any game!”- Kai

“This game was great!” – Kyle

One thing I know for sure, this game is certainly going to be on every kids holiday and birthday wish list!

Skylanders SWAP Force will be available on Xbox 360™, PlayStation® 3, Nintendo Wii™, Nintendo Wii U™ and Nintendo 3DS™ on October 13.



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