Open Me: Printed Greeting Cards & eCards


There’s nothing I love more than opening up my mailbox and finding a greeting card from a friend or family member. It’s the best surprise and totally brightens my day.

But I have to admit, I’m the worst at remembering to send out little love notes of my own. Every year, I make a resolution that it’s going to be different. I swear that I’m going to stock my desk with stamps and buy a bunch of cards in advance so I can pop one in the mail whenever the mood strikes – and then it just never quite happens.

That’s why I’m so excited about Open Me – a new personalized greeting card company that lets me send a cute, quirky, personalized card IN THE MAIL for just $4. Open Me has partnered with Threadless to offer a massive selection of greeting cards (including free e-cards)from artists and designers that are super adorable.

“Working mommies and stay-at-home mommies alike all benefit from the ease of Open Me,” says head of Brand Marketing Alison Taffel Rabinowitz. “With a few clicks of a mouse, you’re able to send a customized, unique and thoughtful card to friends and family.”

You can even set a future delivery date (so you never miss another birthday) or use Facebook to add customized photos.

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