5 Tips for Holiday Shopping on a Budget


While the holidays are a magical time, they can also be extremely stressful! As that gift list keeps growing, it becomes harder and harder to make everyone happy while keeping your budget in check.

Here are a few of my favorite and most useful tips for tackling holiday shopping without breaking the bank:

1. The holidays can get extremely busy with parties and events, and saving time is as important as saving money!  Pick up several extra-large lacquer desktop boxes in bright colors and fill them with something each participant will love.  This is not only budget-friendly, but you can really make each gift personal. For example, fill the box with cookies for a sweets lover, a variety of beauty products for a glam gal, or the Gillette Fusion ProGlide Styler and shaving supplies for your boyfriend or husband (they can use the box to stash keys, charger and wallet on their desk later!)

2. Pick up a beautiful clutch from your local thrift store, fill it with a fabulous holiday lipstick (such as COVERGIRL Blast FlipStick), and your glam gal pal is ready for any holiday soiree this season! It’s also a great thing to stash in your own purse to easily go from the office to a holiday party!

3. Group gifts go a long way. Coordinate with coworkers and buy your boss one great item that he or she really wants instead of smaller tokens of appreciation. It’s also a great way for your team to bond together and your boss will certainly appreciate your thoughtfulness!

4. Never underestimate the value of sentiment. Consider sending a photo with a great memory of you and the gift recipient along with a handwritten note. It won’t drain your wallet, but this little touch will swell their holiday heart.

5. Don’t forget that 99-cent stores offer great opportunities to pick up holiday wrapping supplies! I think one of the most important things to giving a great gift is how you package and present it. From ribbons to wrapping paper and gift bags, you’ll cut costs wrapping and have more for gifting.

I hope these tips help in your quest for the perfect holiday gifts this year, without the stress of draining your wallet.

It’s these little tips and tricks that not only save time and money, but help make your gifts personal and meaningful to those who are receiving! them.



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