Easter Fun! Edible Bunnies, Tasty Grass and Jeweled Eggs


Want to have fun with the kids and also have a yummy dessert and decorations for Easter brunch? We’ve got a recipe for adorable tasty bunnies, tips for a fun edible decoration and a craft project that will add sparkle to your eggs.


1. Easter Bunnies

In large saucepan melt butter over low heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted. Remove from heat. Add Rice Krispies cereal. Stir until well coated. Using 1/3-cup measuring cup coated with cooking spray, divide warm cereal mixture into portions. Using buttered hands shape each portion into ball. Use frosting to attach two balls together, forming bunny body and head. Repeat with remaining balls. Use frosting to attach paper ears. Decorate with frosting and/or candies for eyes, mouth, whiskers and tail. Best if served same day.

For Best Results:

Use fresh marshmallows. 1 jar (7 oz.) marshmallow creme can be substituted for marshmallows. Diet, reduced calorie or tub margarine is not recommended. Store no more than two days at room temperature in airtight container.

2. Edible Easter Grass

After making the tasty Easter bunnies and other favorite Easter treats, instead of putting them down on a boring tray or platter, try this fun idea that will make your treats even more festive and fun for Easter!

Here’s what you will need:

2 to 3 bags of shredded coconut, food coloring, Zip lock bag and cookie sheet.


Open up a bag of coconut and pour it into a large zip lock bag. Take a few drops of your favorite color of food coloring and drop into the bag (Make sure you close the zip lock bag). With the bag closed, squish and shake the coconut around in the bag until it is covered with the desired color. Pour it onto a baking sheet and let it dry for a few hours. Adorn your platter with Easter grass and bunnies. This is sure to be a crowd-pleaser. Especially with the kids and the young-at-heart.

3. Jeweled Eggs

Here is fun activity for and your little bunnies. These also make a great Easter keepsake you will treasure for years to come.

Here’s what you need:

Multi-pack of plastic Easter eggs (size and color is up to you), 1 bottle of fabric glue–we recommend tacky glue, a few toothpicks, a package of multi-colored crystals or jewels from you local arts and craft store, newspaper or an old placemat (for your work surface) and Paper plate or bowl.


These eggs are too pretty to use to on Easter egg hunts, use them as centerpieces or decorations around the house. We save ours and add to our collection every year. It’s amazing to watch the progression of the eggs from year to year as our children mature. The kids love to look at the eggs they made in previous years.



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